Why you should leave your property on the market in winter

Although many people believe that the best time to buy and sell real estate is during the spring, there are many good reasons to keep your house on the market during winter months.  Here are just a few of the most important considerations to make before you pull your house off the market for winter:


People coming to visit their hometown during the holidays might want to look at real estate–and buy!  This means there’s an opportunity to tap into an otherwise-unavailable pool of buyers. Keeping your house on the market allows those buyers to see it.


Serious sellers, and serious buyers.  The cliche is that spring is the best time to buy and sell homes.  But there are also serious buyers out there during winter, and the right one might come along.  You only need one person to buy your house.  People who are forced to move due to a job or family issue are motivated buyers who need a place and don’t have the luxury of waiting until spring.  


Nostalgia of the holiday season.  People are oriented toward cozy indoor life and the spirit of holiday buying.  Use seasonal decorations and small touches to help warm the place up in the cooler months.  Show the house during the daylight if possible, and clean windows and use brighter light bulbs for more cheer.  You can also display pictures of your house in spring and summer so that people can experience the curb appeal you would benefit from in those seasons.


Your own finances.  The costs of owning the home for longer might be more than selling at a lower price.  Consider dropping the price and talk with your Real Estate Agent about this option before taking your property off the market for winter.  As with any time of year, appropriate pricing is the most important component of a home sale.


Less competition.  Again, serious buyers are out there.  And if there are fewer houses on the market because some people pull theirs during winter, you’ll be one of the limited options available.  You can dress up your home to make it brighter and more appealing by using light and color, but remember, it’s all relative.  Other winter sellers are dealing with the same curb appeal as you. You’ll want to be prepared for questions about utilities and heating, and do everything you can to make the house as energy efficient as possible.


As with any real estate transaction, I have a wealth of knowledge on this subject.  Let my experience and input guide you, and rest easy–your buyer will find you!