Three Things to Prepare Your Home for Sale

So you’ve decided to put your home on the market.  You know you’ll need to prepare it for showings, but where to begin?  It can all seem so daunting and exciting–here are some tips to help you think about the ways you can approach the showing preparation.


  1. Clean.  It seems obvious, but there are many layers to the kind of cleaning that will really benefit you as a seller.
  • This is your opportunity to help buyers see your home in its best possible light–literally!  Windows should be clean so that maximum light streams in.  
  • Places where dust settles like ceiling fans and baseboards should be wiped down.
  • Decluttering will help buyers envision their own personalities in your space.  Take down the kids’ art projects and family photos.
  • Closets will get peered into by buyers, and scrutinized!  Make sure they’re clean but also seem accommodating–organize them and leave them half empty to show off storage space.
  • Use brand new kitchen and bathroom towels and bathroom rugs.   
  • Make sure the front entryway (outdoors) is cleaned, de-cluttered, and plants are trimmed and weeded.  The first impression is a powerful one.
  • Remember–a clean house feels like a bigger house!  If you’re still living in the home, remove half of your stuff.  Then, go back and remove another half.

  1.  Consider your furniture.
  • Furniture should be the appropriate size for each room.  Anything too big for a room will make your space feel smaller than it is.
  • Furniture should not block the flow of movement between rooms.  Try touring your home yourself.  Do you find yourself stepping around any furniture that feels in the way?  Move it!
  • Furniture is an opportunity to show how rooms can be used and get people inspired about the space your home has to offer.  Sure, there’s the obvious dining table or bed.  But perhaps you could also show a reading nook or mini office.

  1.  Think about sensory details.
  • Buyers don’t just shop with their eyes.  Do everything you can to address other sensory experiences that buyers will have in your home.
  • Use decor to highlight assets: a bright vase of flowers to set off the kitchen island or pretty pillows on the window seat.
  • Smells can be tricky.  You don’t want to give the impression that you’re concealing something, but you also want an appealing aroma.  Many people bake bread or cookies to add that irresistible touch.
  • Comfortable temperature.  Buyers should feel cozy in winter.  You’ll have them remove their shoes (because this is a nice house and worth it!) and you want them to feel at home in their stocking feet.  In summer, try to maintain good airflow.  And use a dehumidifier if your house feels damp.  It will help with the smell and temperature.       

Preparing your home for sale can seem overwhelming, but if you break it down and think about these three themes, you’ll be well on your way to a successful sale!  Remember that the number one thing to do to prepare yourself for your home sale is the enlist the support and input of an experienced real estate agent.  Let me be your guide!